Yo-Yo Dancing


This is a unique workshop created and only offered by Brett. Don't worry, NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW TO USE A YO-YO to participate in this workshop. Brett handles the yo-yo part. All that's needed is concentration, memorization and a little rhythm.

The workshop begins with Brett performing 5-10 different yo-yo tricks to the class. Each trick represents a dance move that Brett demonstrates. (Every dance move is easy to master and fun to perform). The students then learn how to keep rhythm. Once the kids can "step and clap" their way through a song, the fun begins. Brett then begins to perform yo-yo tricks throughout the song and the kids have to perform the correct dance moves correlated to the tricks. When the kids see the tricks, they do the moves! It's like "Dance, Dance, Revolution" but with a yo-yo!

Suggested ages for this program: 7 and up

Suggested workshop time: 1 hour

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