The Yo-Yo ABCs


This 45-minute program focuses on skill building and self-esteem. Utilizing the yo-yo as a vehicle for the larger message, "Ooch" astonishes young and old alike with his skill, knowledge of the toy and his down-to-earth, matter-of-fact and sometimes goofy sense of humor.

Ooch incorporates music in his yo-yo show and a sprinkle of creative movement. He feels that the yo-yo experience should be a "group participation" activity and "yo-yo grooving" can be rather joyful and stimulating.

This particular show is fine-tuned to suit the needs of the school. Ooch always makes a point to incorporate whatever theme or message the school is trying to enforce with the students. Getting "the message" across to students isn't always an easy task for the teachers, and often an alternate approach such as this proves effective.

The show opens with a "getting to know you" segment that includes fun music, a few laughs and some basic yo-yo facts and history.

After Ooch gets to know the audience a bit and gives the kids some cool facts about yo-yos, he briefly shares with them his adventures as a yo-yo professional.

He explains that becoming proficient with a yo-yo doesn't happen overnight, but that it doesn't HAVE to take a long time either. Ooch then plunges into the subject matter of the show - the ABCs of yo-yo play. He has simplified the yo-yo learning process by creating a 5-trick system that introduces the new yo-yo players to the different arm motions and techniques that comprise the fundamental skills needed to create a solid foundation for yo-yo play.

Here are the 5 basic tricks:

  1. Gravity Pull / Power Throw
  2. Sleeper
  3. Forward Pass
  4. Loop the Loop
  5. Breakaway

All of the 5 tricks are easy to learn and fun to do either alone or with friends.

Through demonstrating these 5 tricks, he illustrates to his audience how each skill builds on the other to create some of the most amazing yo-yo tricks to date, such as "Boing-Boing," "Gyroscopic Flop" and "Darth Vader." (Don't worry, he fits in the good ole' tricks too!)

This program focuses on the importance of skill-building, perseverance, practice and patience.

Recommended ages for this show: K - 8th grades

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