Spinning Science Into Fun: Skill Toy Physics 101


"Spinning Science Into Fun" is a 60-minute, curriculum-friendly performance that focuses on the physics behind spinning objects. Through the demonstration of familiar toys like yo-yos, spin tops, flying discs, a Diablo and more "Ooch" puts an entertaining spin on science... by the end of the show concepts like gyroscopic stability, rotational inertia, distribution of mass, centrifugal force, friction and planes of spin will have become child's play. It's amazing what can be gleaned from the observation of simple toys with a sprinkle of kinesthetic learning, comedy and skill... With his fun approach to learning, Ooch reaches each child no matter his or her individual learning style. There's something in this show for everyone.

The show is broken roughly into two half-hour segments. One segment focuses on science and physics while the other revolves around fun and safety. The segments are interchangeable to allow younger audiences the ability to share in the excitement.

Recommended ages for this show: 2nd - 8th grades

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