Recreation Centers


Ooch offers a variety of workshops and fun shows to recreation centers and also hosts DJs dances.

If workshops are what you are looking for, you have two options: Workshops can be a one-time experience running from 1-4 hours in length or a multiple-week program running approximately 1 hour in length. Please choose from the links on the left-hand side of this page.

Ooch is a DJ specializing in elementary through high-school socials and dances. He prides himself on being an interactive DJ who plays requests (edited & appropriate of course), teaches popular dances (such as the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Crank That Dance, Cotton Eyed Joe, Electric Slide, Macarena, etc.) and plays games (such as freeze dance, limbo, hula hoop contests, Coke & Pepsi and more.) He also will work with themes to make your event more festive and fun!

Please select the appropriate link from the left-hand menu.

(For more information, please contact Denise Barr).

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