Ooch's "Family Experience"


Awwwww yeah! Ooch is back with a brand new show. It's bigger! It's better! It's Ooch's "Family Experience"! He's bringin' a little something for everyone in the family and promises to create an evening you'll never forget!

As always, Ooch comes complete with orange shoes, music, his trusty yo-yo, sweet dance moves, super powers and a quirky sense of humor.

Kids and parents will be captivated, inspired and entertained by his light-hearted approach to family life and his unique way of embracing everyday challenges.

A few fun things to look forward to in Ooch’s Family Experience Live are:

Ooch's "Family Experience" is an evening of laughter, music, play and good, clean fun! Un-schedule some time today and spend it with your family and Ooch!

Suggested ages for this program: 5 and up

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