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Brett Outchcunis [ooch-KOO-nis] is a professional personality and life coach for kids. He is a TV personality without the TV show... His show is the show of life! His stage is your stage. "Ooch," as kids affectionately call him, specializes in quickly and deeply connecting with children on a level rarely accessed by other performers. His assembly programs cater to elementary and middle school students and focuses on making positive life choices for a healthy state of mind and spirit.

So what makes Ooch different? His messages are conveyed to his audiences through the use of comedy, music, dance, story-telling, yo-yos and improv, making his shows quite a kinesthetic learning experience!

Whether it be learning how to deal with the challenges of daily life, learning to embrace our unique differences or making positive decisions when the tough choices arise, Ooch has something for everyone. Even if it's pure curriculum-based entertainment you're after, he's got that too. Get ready for the "Ooch Experience"!

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