The library is a special place for Ooch as the majority of his knowledge of yo-yos originated there. When he was learning to yo-yo, the Internet didn't exist and there were very few instructional videos at his disposal. Many hours were spent at the library learning his trade and some of his favorite tricks were learned through books.

Ooch's yo-yo shows revolve around the importance of "learning new skills" by utilizing the right tools and resources available to us. He tells the story of how he became proficient at the yo-yo (by visiting the library and doing research) as well as shares the history, technology and science of the sport. Ooch focuses on showing his audience the "Yo-Yo ABC's" - a 5-trick system that makes learning to yo-yo easier. He does trick requests and has a Q&A at the conclusion of the performance.

(To order a copy of Ooch's instructional yo-yo DVD to add to your local library, please contact Lynne Richardson).

Ooch also offers a physics-based, educational yo-yo show called "Spinning Science into Fun - Skill Toy Physics 101".

In addition to yo-yo shows, Ooch also offers motivational shows for families, offers dance workshops, yo-yo workshops, hosts game/movie nights and is a fully interactive DJ specializing in family fun!

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(For more information, please contact Denise Barr).

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