Finding Your Groove: Creative Movement through Hip-Hop


Let's face it, kids love to dance. "Ooch" loves to dance. Why not combine the two? Ooch has been dancing since the age of 9 and specializes in the art of tap and hip-hop. "Finding Your Groove" is an hour-long, strongly interactive performance that starts kids on their way to "finding their own groove," literally! The show focuses on creative movement through hip-hop and also gets kids thinking about doing things simply for the fun of it rather than letting "coolness" get in the way.

A professional DJ, Ooch uses today's music and (edited and clean, of course) to get the kids moving. He begins the show with "finding your bounce," a great way to find the beat and have fun at the same time. Throughout the show, Ooch will assign easy hip-hop style moves to the boys and to the girls. Each gender gets their "own" moves as we know that some moves aren't cool to do when you are a boy.

Influenced strongly by tap, Ooch fuses hip-hop and step dancing together and gets his audience using their hands as well as their feet. By the end of the show the kids are laughing and dancing, and the teachers usually find themselves both "grooving" and surprised to find who really gets into it!

This program focuses on finding a general beat in a song and moving to it, learning how to follow directions in a dance-formatted activity and getting kids excited about the idea of dance, regardless of gender.

Recommended ages for this show: 4th - 6th grades

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