Doing What You Love and Succeeding

Doing What You Love

"Doing What You Love and Succeeding" is a 45-minute to one-hour show that empowers and motivates the audience on the importance of being uniquely you and doing what you love even if it isn't the norm. "Ooch" shares with the audience his story of becoming a professional yo-yo player and the choices he made to do what he loves to do and make a living out of it.

He discusses the choices made as a kid (such as taking dance classes and playing with a yo-yo when they weren't "cool") and the choices made as a young adult (such as staying away from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, as well as striving to become a unique and cool individual in his own right). In fact, Brett has NEVER had a drink of alcohol, taken drugs or smoked and takes extreme pride in sharing that with his audience!

"Ooch" also makes a point to find out what the members of his audience LIKE to do and what they WANT to do as they continue to grow into young adults. Audience participation is an integral part of this show because it helps to cultivate and nurture confidence and pride in each student.

This program focuses on making sound decisions regarding peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, finding your own individual skill, working through the "tough" times of growing up and looking positively towards the future. By the end of the program, a connection will have been formed between the students and "Ooch." The students will walk away feeling good about themselves and will have been exposed to a positive role model in the process.

Recommended ages for this show: 3rd - 8th grades

Doing What You Love and Succeeding

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