Brett Outchcunis has a unique ability to both "look the part" AND deliver the message in a way that strikes a chord in his audiences hearts and memories. His physical appearance (that of a kid in his 20's) and uninhibited, natural energy gains him access to places often unattainable to adults. Regardless of the message, he just plain 'connects' with children.

Often times schools are looking to relay a specific message to their students and are searching for an interesting and effective way to deliver it. Ooch fulfills this need by allowing schools to pick and choose topics specific to their goal(s).

The "Build-A-Show" option gives your school a choice of topics to be covered in Ooch's performance. If the topic you are looking for isn't on this list, please contact Lynne to see if can be integrated into the show.

Please pick up to three of the following topics for your show:

Ooch's shows always utilize storytelling, humor, music, movement, audience participation and yo-yos. The amount of each varies depending on subject matter.

The "Build-A-Show" performance is a 45-60 minute assembly. Appropriate age varies depending on topics covered.

(For more information, please contact Denise Barr).

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